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2310, 2016

Utah GOP turning to rank and file members to make up for lost donations

Salt Lake City, Utah- (ABC4 Utah) – Utah's majority political party has seen a significant decrease in donations. Now the

2310, 2016

State Republican leaders say grass-roots voters remain committed to Trump

State Republican Party chairmen maintain that the media is overplaying a “civil war” in the GOP, saying that while some

2310, 2016

UT GOP Chair Sticking With Trump

Oct 11, 2016 by:  Associated Press The chairman of Utah's Republican Party is sticking by Donald Trump even though a

2310, 2016

Utah Republicans say House Democrats violated ban on Capitol contributions

Utah Republicans appear to have caught House Democrats using the Capitol for fundraising, citing emails the party sent to encourage

2310, 2016

Utah Republican Party Chairman apologizes for CNN outburst

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) - Utah Republican Party Chairman James Evans is apologizing after his outburst on CNN Thursday

2310, 2016

State GOP staff dispersed following ‘specific death threat’ against chairman

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Republican Party Chairman James Evans confirmed Monday that party staff were dispersed to various locations

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