My Fellow Republicans,

It has been an honor to serve as your Utah Republican Party Chairman the past 4.5 months.
In a recent survey, we learned there is an overwhelming desire for improved communication from the UTGOP. To that end, we are implementing two programs to meet this need:

First, is a weekly online town hall we’ve named “Chair Chat.” We will record a YouTube episode each week and link it to our social media accounts. Most “episodes” will be recorded in real-time which will allow you the opportunity to ask questions during the broadcast, or you may submit them beforehand via email to

Secondly, we are implementing the use of surveys to better identify areas of focus in our messaging. We will regularly utilize email as our primary source of contact. As we have only a limited number of email addresses, we need your help! Will you please forward our emails to anyone who shares a desire for more information from the UTGOP, or who wants to become more involved? Success is a team effort, and you’re a critical part of our team!

There are many issues which concern us as a Party, a State and as a Nation. In 2018, we will potentially see 5 or more petitions reach the general ballot next November. It’s our hope to provide you with the quality resources you need to vet those issues before you sign a petition, or cast your vote.

Please complete the attached survey as soon as possible. We’re gearing up for a busy election season and your input is vital. As with any team, we, too, have a mascot: ours is the elephant. Elephants have large ears which are perfect for listening. We want to hear from you! Please let us hear your voice via this survey.

Thank you for your assistance to the Utah Republican Party as we continue our quest for good governance. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


Rob Anderson – Utah Republican Party Chairman

October 18, 2017

6 pm – 7 pm 

KBYU Eleven: 600 E University Pkwy, Provo, Utah 84602

The Utah Debate Commission is pleased to announce that we will be holding a debate for the 3rd Congressional District special election. Candidates who meet the threshold set by the Utah Debate Commission will be eligible to take the stage Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 in the KBYU Studios at Brigham Young University. The debate will be held from 6-7 p.m. and David Magleby will host. Click the ticket link to get tickets. If you are attending, please be at KBYU Eleven by 5:30 p.m. DOORS CLOSE AT 5:50 p.m. Overflow will be available, and people will be admitted until the seats are full.

For more information & tickets: Facebook Event, EventBrite

Election Information

2017 CD3 Special Election

Thank you to all three Republican candidates who participated in the CD3 Primary. We recognize the tremendous effort and sacrifice it is to run for public office, and appreciate your tireless energy and dedication to do so. Congratulations to Provo Mayor John Curtis on securing the GOP nomination; best of luck in the November general election!

The Utah GOP is pleased to announce our new fundraising campaign

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The Republican Party is a party by the people and for the people. We appreciate the productivity of our citizens, affirm the infinite worth of all individuals, and seek the best possible quality of life for all. We invite all citizens to join us in working together for a better Utah.

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