My Fellow Utahns,

One hundred and twenty-three years ago today, a new star was added to the flag of the United States of America signifying the admittance of Utah as the 45th state in the Union. Celebrations erupted across our new State; patriotic parades, grand public speeches, church and school bells rang announcing the long awaited news! The excitement was described by James E. Talmage:

“.. the expected message reached Salt Lake City that Grover Cleveland President of the United States had signed the proclamation which makes the admission of Utah to the Union of States complete.. The news of the admission was welcomed by the firing of cannon and small arms, the shrieking of steam whistles and every other kind of noise which could be produced.”

For nearly five decades Utah’s petition to join the United States had been met with resistance and disappointment. Even as other, newer, territories were admitted, the people of Utah persisted in their heartfelt desire for statehood. When the day finally came, Wilford Woodruff penned the following to his son:

“My Dear Son, Thank God Utah is a State after 50 years struggle we have conquered.. Although we have seen some interesting days in Utah we have never seen such a Day as this.”

My friends, let us not forget the struggles of the past as we continue our endeavors to always improve our home for future generations. The 45th star proudly emblazoned on our Nation’s Flag shines for all the world to see. No matter the struggle, crisis, or political discord, all good things are worth the effort of time and persistence.

May God continue to Bless the Great State of Utah,

Rob Anderson