My Fellow Republicans,

Heartfelt congratulations to all Republican candidates who recently won their campaigns on Election Day. To those who did not, we thank you for running, and share in the sting of your defeat. We win and lose together, and most certainly prefer victory.

In the two weeks since the midterm elections, I’ve thought much about our actions as a Party. In addition, I’ve actively solicited feedback and suggestions from a wide spectrum of Republicans, including our candidates, officials, executive committee members and others. I welcome your ideas as well. You may email those ideas to us at anytime.

We are aggregating all possible input and will incorporate as many as prove feasible and valuable in our efforts to improve party operations. With the unfortunate loss of a congressional district seat in Utah CD4, and a few other key races, especially in Salt Lake County, we need to focus on hard work, cooperation and creativity in order to remain a dominant force in Utah politics.

In addition to your ideas, we require tough, talented people to step-up as candidates, campaign managers, volunteers, party workers, donors, etc… Please join with others who already give tirelessly to elect good Republicans who will keep our state and nation free.

If you are ready to join the team, or if you’re already with us and want to stay in the game, please let us know we can count on your support. If you have friends and family members who also believe in freedom, let’s invite them to join us, too.

Faithfully yours,

Rob Anderson

Chairman, Utah Republican Party

We are grateful to the many people who dedicated time and resources to help our Republican candidates. Campaign staffs, volunteers, and political consultants gave their all to access voters on behalf of our candidates, and utilized every tool available. As an example of their efforts; one political consultant, Daryl Acumen, shared the work he did for Republicans across the State:

1,761,195 phone calls, 416,966 text messages, 1,460,405 emails, and identified the political leanings of 88.5% of Utah’s unaffiliated voters! We cannot underestimate the value of his services! Thank you Daryl, our UTGOP MVP!

Going forward, the UTGOP will continue to use and embrace all tools and resources available to help our Candidates.

Click here for Official Election Results

Congratulations to our new:

House Majority Leadership Team

Speaker Brad Wilson

(Davis County)

Majority Leader Francis Gibson

(Utah County)

Majority Whip Mike Schultz

(Davis & Weber Counties)

Majority Assistant Whip Val Peterson

(Utah County)

Senate Majority Leadership Team

President Stuart Adams

(Davis County)

Majority Leader Evan Vickers

(Beaver, Iron, & Washington Counties)

Majority Whip Dan Hemmert

(Utah County)

Assistant Majority Whip Ann Millner

(Davis, Morgan, & Weber Counties)

Thank you Senator Orrin Hatch for all of the work that you have done in behalf of Utah.

View a Tribute Video Here


Hear from your Congressman!

Congressman John Curtis wants to share

his opinions on Healthcare with you!

Take a look at this op-ed from him in the news:

The U.S. is missing the mark on health care policy


Upcoming Events:

December 1, 2018: SCC Meeting

10 am @ Dixie Technology College, Auditorium

610 S Tech Ridge Drive, Bldg A, St. George, UT 84770

Thank you to all that contributed your time and money to assist our candidates this election. After elections our Party still has functions it needs to fulfill. Our office is open to assist all year round. Next year, in the Spring, there will be an Organizing Convention held. We also need to start now to prepare for the 2020 Elections. Please Donate to the Party to assist with our ongoing efforts.

Looking for an internship?

The Utah Republican Party is looking for interns to work with our team January – May 2019. This upcoming internship will be focusing on the Legislative Session & preparing for the 2019 Organizing Convention. This internship experience is unpaid, but we encourage students to see if they can get school credit for the experience. Interviews will be held in the upcoming weeks. If you are interested please send your resume to our Political Director Teresa Lott at