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9 days until the final day of the 2019 Utah Legislature (3/14/2019)

60 days to the Utah State Republican Party Organizing Convention (5/4/2019)

90 days until the municipal election filing period opens (6/3/2019)

94 days until the municipal election filing period ends (6/7/2019)

109 days to the Utah State Democratic Party Organizing Convention (6/22/2019)

161 days to the 2019 Utah primary elections (8/13/2019)

245 days to the 2019 municipal elections (11/5/2019)

328 days to the first day of the 2020 Utah Legislature (1/27/2020)

336 days to the 2020 Iowa Caucuses (2/3/2020)

604 days until the 2020 presidential election (11/3/2020)

The U.S. Supreme Court ended five years of court battles over a Utah election law that allows candidates to qualify for the ballot by collecting signatures and/or the traditional caucus-convention system. It refused to hear the Utah Republican Party’s lawsuit on the matter. [Trib][Fox13][DNews

2019 General Session

A trio of bills that passed the Utah House on Monday would delay implementation of successful ballot initiatives to give state lawmakers the chance to correct, adjust or repeal the proposal. [Trib][DNews]  

The House votes to support spending $32 million to add more counselors and therapists to schools statewide. [Trib

Lawmakers won’t consider so-called ‘red flag’ gun bill this year. Bill imposing universal background checks on gun sales stalls
By Bob Bernick, Contributing Editor
For the second time in two years, a so-called “red flag” bill aimed at getting guns away from troubled, violent people quickly is dead in the Utah Legislature.. 

Utah House committee approves $20 million for affordable housing program

A committee cleared the way for a final vote soon in the Utah House on whether Utah will join roughly a dozen other states (out of a needed 38) to call for a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution. [Trib]  

National News

HUD Secretary Ben Carson says he’ll leave his post at the end of Trump’s first term. Carson said in a TV interview he wants to return to the private sector –

Trump’s trade war cost Americans at least $3 billion per month last year. Two new studies found the tariffs imposed by President Trump had a massive impact on the U.S. economy, contributing to higher prices and taxes –

The NSA shut down a controversial surveillance program. The system logged the calls and texts of Americans searching for possible domestic threats –

2020 Presidential Election

Nearly two of every three Americans think that a third party is needed to fix the American political system. That 38 percent, to be exact, is the highest since the Wall Street Journal and NBC poll started tracking that question in 1995. The poll also shows that only 1 of every ten Americans believe the current system is working well. However, polls show that nearly half of Americans are sour on the two top potential candidates talking about running as independents or as third-party candidates, former Starbuck CEO Howard Schultz and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. [CNN][NBCNews]  

Hillary Clinton makes it official that she will not run for president again in 2020. [NYTimes]