Letter to Governor Gary Herbert from the Utah County Republican Women:

“March 12, 2019

The Honorable Gary R. Herbert

Governor of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT 84114-2220

Dear Governor Herbert,

We, the Executive Committee of Utah County Republican Women (UCRW), send our warmest greetings to you and your wife Jeanette. We thank you for your leadership as Governor and chief-elected Republican of the State of Utah. UCRW supports you as you continue to champion conservative values and policies in our State and abroad.

On Monday March 4, 2019, the Supreme Court of the United States denied the request to review Senate Bill 54. This denial has ended the legal contest over the bill and we can now move forward unified in our mission and methods.

The mission of the Utah Republican Party as set forth in the Party Constitution is to “nominate and support the election of Republican candidates.” Senate Bill 54 opened new avenues for the Party and its allies to achieve its primary purpose. UCRW affirms that the chief focus of the Party and its officers should be to promote the success of Republican candidates in electoral contests. We urge all Utah Republicans, without contention, to recognize both the Caucus-Convention system and the pathway opened by Senate Bill 54 for the selection of candidates. Any measure to honorably increase the chance of Republican victory in elections should be welcomed by faithful members of the Party.

UCRW celebrates the leadership of Utah Republican Party Chairman Rob Anderson. His leadership has been essential during his tenure as Chair. We support Chairman Anderson’s efforts to guide the Party and to mend divisions over Senate Bill 54.

Governor Herbert, UCRW asks that you energetically support Chairman Anderson as he coordinates efforts to rebuild the Party’s organizational capacity by publicly voicing your support for his chairmanship and encouraging other Republicans to do so. We urge you to get directly involved in raising funds for the State Party. Now that the lawsuit has ended, donors can give to the Party and be confident that their money won’t be used inappropriately. Without your leadership, much of the Party’s ability to achieve its mission may be lost. We, as an allied association, would appreciate any effort to ensure the enduring legacy of your Party. As the highest elected Republican in the State, we are grateful as you protect our Republican Party.

UCRW thanks you for your work on behalf of the State of Utah and the Utah State Republican Party.


The UCRW Executive Committee

Wendy Braithwaite – Acting President, Past President Suzanne Merrill – Advisor to the President, Past President Reeta Ormsby – Treasurer, Past President

Robbie McArthur – Assistant Treasurer & 1st Vice President Elaine Bonham – Parliamentarian, Past President”