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What You Will Work On As An Intern

Party Messaging

Messaging for the Party is always important. This includes messaging to the general public, Republicans, party leaders & media. We also try to message in a variety of different ways: through email, social media, videos, etc. So that we reach all varieties of Republicans.


As a not-for-profit organization the Party is always working on fundraising. This is how we have the abilities to advocate for Republican beliefs and support Republican candidates who will make decisions the Republican people support & believe in.

Candidate Recruitment

The Party is always looking to recruit good Republicans to run for the various elected offices. This includes not only finding people who are willing to run for office, but also find candidates who best represent those in their district. After recruitment it is also crucial to help train & assist candidates so they have the best possibility of success in their run for office.

Winter/Spring Internships (January - May)

Legislative Session

During the legislative session we both look at current bills and advocate on issues that are important to the Party. We also assist legislators with reaching out to their constituents. This is a time where legislators are in more communication than ever with their constituents because this is when they are making the decisions that really matter.


Every year the Party holds a convention. In the even years it is a Nominating Convention, in the odd years an Organizing Convention. Both types of conventions have elections. Nominating years it’s the election of Public Elected Officials, who we are going to place on the ballot in the upcoming election. Organizing years it’s the election of Party Officers, our internal Party structure. These conventions require months of organizing to ensure all the delegates & candidates have all of the information they need.

Caucus Night Preparation & Execution

In the even years the Party holds Caucus night. This is where individuals in meet in their neighborhood precinct meetings to choose Precinct leadership & both county & state delegates to go to conventions. The State Party works to assist the County Parties in whatever way they need to get these meetings organized and the results reported to the necessary Leaders.

Summer Internships (May - August)

Primary Elections

In even years there are many primary elections throughout the state. The Party assists all Republican Primary candidates with their campaigns as much as those candidates feel need the assistance.

General Elections

After the primary elections the Party starts to prepare for the general elections.

Autumn Internships (August - December)

General Elections

During the general elections the Party assists many candidates with their campaigns. We assist candidates from city, county, state, and federal districts. Our interns help both in our office with tasks we are doing to assist candidates as well as working in the field with candidates. 

High School Internships

Part-time internships are available for high school students.

College Internship

Part-time & full-time internships are available. We encourage students to see if they can get credit through their university for their internship experience.

Young Adult Internships

Part-time & full-time internships are available for young adults who would like to get more involved.

We've had interns from:

Brigham Young University
University of Utah

Hinckley Institute

Utah State University

Institute of Government and Politics

Utah Valley University
Salt Lake Community College

Past UTGOP Interns: Where are they now?

Our interns have gone on to be:

Staffers in Congressional Offices in both Utah & Washington D.C.

Staffers with the Utah Legislature.

Campaign managers & staffers.

Lobbyists for a variety of causes.