Caucus 2018

March 20, 2018

Content will be updated as more information is confirmed.


Caucus Preparation Videos

What is a Caucus Meeting?

Best Practices for Caucus Night

What Are Precinct Officers?

What Are State Delegates?

The UTGOP Party Platform

Caucus Training Center

These resources in the Caucus Training Center may be viewed by anyone but are intended to help those who will conduct and/or prepare for your 2018 Caucus Meetings.

2018 Voter Guide
Caucus Attendance Roll Instructions
Ballot Tally Sheet
2018-2020 State Delegate Duties And Responsibilities
Precinct Officers Duties
Precinct Info Door Sign
Checklist - Precinct Chair
Precinct Host Guide
State Delegate Allocations
Caucus Rules
Caucus Data Format
Building Stronger Precincts
Caucus Location Yard Signs

Videos Coming Soon!

There are many applicable tips and solid training from a training video produced in 2012. Start there and we will add more as they are completed.

2012 Precinct Chair Training Video

A Minute for Check-a-Buck