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September 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter text below, to view the full newsletter here: September 2018 Newsletter My Fellow Republicans, Election season is in full swing! As always, we are stronger when civic engagement is a priority to all. There are many opportunities available to assist campaigns and our Party. In addition to getting to know the candidates, please study…

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171 Years Later – Still the Right Place

171 years after the Mormon pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley, the Utah Republican Party wishes all Utahns a happy Pioneer Day! As you celebrate and commemorate this historic event, may you remember that the pioneers sought a land where they could worship freely and obtain refuge from religious persecution. Brigham Young said the desert…

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June 2018 – Current Event Survey Results

CURRENT EVENTS SURVEY RESULTS – June 2018 (Full Report click here) Q1. North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump are, once again, confirmed to meet in June, despite the frequently changing fate of this meeting. Do you think this meeting between President Trump and Leader Kim Jong Un should happen? In the first question…

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Trump’s Success Continues to go Unreported

Due to skewed media and a relentless battle to distort Trump’s image and accolades, it is nearly impossible to fully comprehend the magnitude of Trump’s success and achievements. Popular news channels work tirelessly to ensure that they contort the realities of the success of the Trump Administration. Contrary to mainstream media, President Donald Trump has…

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2018 Primary Election Survey Results

On May 3rd,  the UTGOP conducted a survey regarding the upcoming Primary Election.  3447 People responded and an overview of their responses is shown below. Click Here for the Full Question and Response List.  note: long, but worth reviewing. Q1. Will you vote in the Primary Election? The survey started off by asking if people…

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The Utah GOP’s fight for election law as we know it

The Utah GOP’s fight for election Law as we know it. By Zoe Woolf McGinn As 2017 draws to a close, players in Utah’s dominant political party are ensnared in an ongoing tug-of-war over the party’s future. Count My Vote’s pure primary plans are threatening the state’s deeply entrenched caucus-convention system. The Utah GOP has…

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Christmas V Holiday

Christmas vs. Holiday

Although the Christmas season is one of the most beloved aspects of American society, it has become increasingly subject to the same liberal ideologies that afflict institutions of higher education. During the Christmas season, acknowledging others with “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” has become a tacitly pejorative phrase. Conservative Americans have unwittingly allowed themselves…

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